Hi, my name is Jassim M. and I'm entering my 20s rn. I started using the internet since 2009 or a bit later and I used to surf around YouTube for quite sometime. I am really interested in filmmaking, sound design and web design. I wanna become a filmmaker once I grow up hopefully since I really am interested in films. I really love to communicate with people and collab with them on some sort of project. I made a neocities website to expand on my marketing skills and my HTML and CSS coding skills also. I have a big family with many siblings, I don't really wanna count them since this could get a little too personal. Either way. This is basically me.


  • Old technology

  • Weird music

  • 80s and 90s movies

  • Comic book stuff


  • Music making

  • Drawing

  • Web design

  • Playing games